We need 1,000,000 people to tell Congress: Access to contraceptives and Reproductive Health Care is an ESSENTIAL RIGHT.

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To achieve the U.N.'s goal of UNIVERSAL ACCESS by 2015 the U.S. needs to boost it's annual support to at least $1 BILLION

Day 9: From Mother Earth to Mothers 17 Days of Action

April 30, 2011

Seventeen Days of Action:

Day 9 - Follow @million4billion

If you have signed the “Million for a Billion” petition that’s great, but if you want to stay engaged, you need to stay informed.  You need to know what’s the U.S. and other donor nations are doing about family planning and reproductive health.  And you need to know what others are doing to build public support for the petition.  The best way to do that is to receive automatic updates.  Be sure to sign up http://www.twitter.com/million4billion.